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Dried Poppy Pods

Poppy pods come in various shapes that often resemble small pumpkins and range from the size of a kumquat to a tennis ball. Crafters will say dried poppy pods look like hot air balloons which have seeds inside; rattling when you shake them. These dried poppy pods can be used in ornamenting houses and making wreaths. Dried poppy pods provide an aura which unites harmony found in nature and man’s world. While they belong to elements of nature, they have a sensation that is so human made.
For instance, dried poppy pods can be incorporated in home décor. They can be used for decoration on the tables and shelves. When a collection of dried pods is placed inside a glass bowl, the ornament forms something sensational. They have the aura of mystery unlike any other flower or pod. They look better than artificially made ornaments as there is no substitute for their natural beauty. There are different kinds of poppy pods therefore different colors. It is amazing how blue colored poppy pods make great combination with home décor of many. One kind of poppy also has dots on the pod. The little opening above the pod looks like a flower waiting to blossom and therefore seems perfect for home décor.
Apart from ornamenting the house, the dried poppy pods can be used in wreaths as well. All you have to do is collect as many poppy pods you want and arrange them in any pattern. If you have a surrounding shelf in the lounge, you can place pairs of poppy pods tied with ribbon in a circular pattern at the venue. Not only would they look phenomenal in different colors but they will provide an aura which is amazing to feel.

Furthermore, if you have to decorate your classroom or your lounges with rustic and artistic theme, you can easily incorporate these dried poppy pods in the furniture and hangings. They are going to be a spectacle to look at!